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Applying for Grant Funding

In 2023, the State of Indiana adopted a new grants management system called eCivis. Part of a larger initiative to improve grants management in Indiana, eCivis will track grants from application to closeout, establishing a more effective framework for managing grants. All state agencies are required to use this new grants management system to manage state and federal grants and fulfill their subrecipient monitoring responsibilities.

Applicants for state and federal grants from the Indiana Department of Education will access grant solicitations via the SBA website or private link. Applications will be submitted electronically through the eCivis Grants Portal, and schools will receive their award notices via eCivis. Following receipt of their award, schools will use eCivis to manage their grants, including submitting activity reports, requesting reimbursement, and conducting grant close-out activities.

For training materials, technical support, and other information about eCivis, please visit the Indiana State Budget Agency website at

To access available grant solicitations, please visit the State Agency Grant Opportunities section of the State Budget Agency website.