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What Can I Teach with My License?

The Assignment Code is a document used by educators to determine the appropriate license for a teaching, administrative or school services assignment in an Indiana accredited school. The Assignment Code can be read by finding the course title (on the left side of the table) and then following it across to the license type held (in the vertical column to the right of the table). If the license area in that corresponding box matches the type of license held by the educator, then that educator is able to teach that subject/course.

Assignment Code Documents by Section

NLPS Review Document Updated: The NLPS Review Document has been updated and the new version can be found here. The Review Document is the best resource for specific course information for all programs of study included in NLPS. It include the 4-course sequence for each program of study, the postsecondary courses at Ivy Tech and Vincennes each NLPS course has been aligned to, and dual credit course eligibility. Additions to the document include:

  • Standards/Competencies for new Programs of Study: The standards process for the remaining programs of study that will be newly available in the 2022-2023 school year is now complete. Standards and competencies for these programs of study have been added to the document. Examples of these programs include - Computer Science, Fashion and Textiles, Radio and Television Broadcasting, and Sport and Human Performance. Minor changes to a few of these programs of study may still occur within the next couple weeks.
  • Assignment Codes: Teacher assignment codes for all NLPS courses are now included.
  • Funding: The review document now includes course funding levels for all NLPS courses.
  • Certifications: Aligned certifications that can be obtained within each NLPS course have been added throughout the document.