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Indiana Department of Education Deploys First Round of Enhancements to Indiana GPS Dashboard

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Users Can Now View Longitudinal and Disaggregated Data In Just One Click

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Molly Williams
Senior Communications Specialist
(317) 234-3880

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) has deployed the first round of enhancements to its new Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed Dashboard (Indiana GPS) – a resource that is constantly evolving in response to the needs of Indiana’s students, communities and employers. The most recent enhancements allow users to drill down into longitudinal and disaggregated data, showing data over time by student population.

“When we first began developing Indiana GPS, one of the consistent pieces of feedback that we heard across education stakeholders, including policymakers, educators and families, was the importance of being able to quickly locate longitudinal and disaggregated student population data,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana Secretary of Education. “Having this information available at the click of a button provides a comprehensive look at where we have been in recent years, where we are today, and where we need to go, thus informing our future work at the school, community and state levels.”

When first accessing the statewide-, district- and school-level summary pages within Indiana GPS, users can see a snapshot of student performance over multiple measures. From there, users can hit the “Explore” button to drill down further into the data, as well as learn more about how the indicator is calculated and how it connects to the five key characteristics which best indicate a student’s preparation for success after high school.

Similar to the process leading up to the dashboard’s initial release, over the last month, school leaders have had access to an embargoed pre-release of this second iteration of the dashboard. This provided an opportunity to ask questions and share feedback prior to the public launch. As a result of ongoing feedback from schools, updates continue to be made to the dashboard to ensure it is as comprehensive and as easy to use as possible.

The development of Indiana GPS follows the enactment of House Enrolled Act 1514, passed in 2021 directing IDOE and the Indiana State Board of Education to develop a school performance dashboard that promotes transparency and multiple student measures, including longitudinal measures. The second iteration of the dashboard is launching nearly one and a half years in advance of the statutorily-required July 1, 2024 date.

The development of this dashboard is an iterative process and will continue to be improved over time, with new data and features added. To learn more about the development of the Indiana GPS performance dashboard, click here. To explore the dashboard, visit