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About IDOE

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Learner-Centered, Future-Focused EducationIDOE TEAM'S GUIDING PRINCIPLES

  • Student-Centered: To have the most positive impact on student learning, we will keep students top of mind and make every decision based on the needs of individual learners.
  • Inclusive and Collaborative: We are committed to activating communities by engaging partners throughout the state.
  • Champions of Educators: Our educators are critical partners in our students’ education journeys, and we will prioritize supporting them and elevating our profession.
  • Data- and Results-Driven: We will rely on data and results to shape innovative solutions, guide decision-making, drive student learning, and measure the impact of public policy.
  • Transparent and Trustworthy: We will make accurate data readily available to ensure public understanding.
  • Future-Focused: Since our rapidly changing economy will require continuous education for a growing number of Hoosiers, we will encourage increased innovation within our education to workforce continuum to meet the needs of an uncertain future economy.