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County Specific Information


Statewide Reports


The budget order is a critical document in calculating tax bills. The order contains the state's certification of the approved budget, the certified net assessed value, the tax rate, and the levy for each fund of each taxing unit in a county. The order also gives the total tax rate for each taxing district.


Ratio Study

As part of the Annual Adjustment process, counties are responsible for submitting a ratio study and uniformity for all classes of property in all townships. The ratio study measures the accuracy and equity of assessments. It is determined by the formula: Assessed Value/Sale Price = Ratio. The assessment ratio for all properties in Indiana is to be 100%.

The accuracy of assessments refers to how close the assessments determined by local assessing officials are to market value-in-use.

Assessment Progress

On-time property tax billing is a culmination of a year’s worth of work of locally elected officials. The process can be separated into two stages: Assessment-to-Budget and Budget-to-Tax billing. Because these two stages are closely tied, delays in any of the steps in these two stages can have an effect on the timing of property tax bills.

These reports show the progress of the county as reported by the county officials. These visual aids illustrate the timeline of the "year in the life of a county official" and show where the county falls in its steps toward on-time tax billing.

Legislative Services Agency County Property Tax Reports

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