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Regulated Explosives Use

Regulated Explosive Licensing

Regulated Explosive Licensing Overview

Certain explosives regulated by the state of Indiana under Indiana Code 35-47.5 require users to be licensed through IDHS in order to use them. The Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission governs the rules for the licensing program as well as the actual use of these regulated explosives.

Licenses are issued for operators and blasters, which are defined as follows:

  • Regulated explosive use operator: Person/company who takes possession of a regulated explosive in Indiana for the purpose of detonation under the person’s direction or control and is the employer of a licensed regulated explosive use blaster.
  • Regulated explosive use blaster: Person who supervises or directs and performs the loading and firing of explosive materials in Indiana and is the employee of a licensed regulated explosive use operator.

Licenses expire after three years, and continuing education is a condition for license renewal. Indiana recognizes licenses of other states with substantially similar requirements established by the commission (reciprocity). Reciprocal licenses are effective for the duration of licensure or certification issued by the originating agency.

How to Apply for a License

There are two ways to meet the requirements for an Indiana operator or blaster license.

  • Option 1: Reciprocity

    If you already have an unexpired blasting and/or operator’s license from another state in the U.S. or have a federal license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), you automatically are eligible to receive a license for Indiana. Please submit a completed application form for your respective license along with a photocopy (or photo) of your current regulated explosive license to

  • Option 2: Indiana Regulated Explosives Exam

    Applicants who do not currently have an out-of-state regulated explosive license or a federal license from the ATF are required to take and pass an exam to verify eligibility.

    Examinations are conducted at Ivy Tech locations in Indiana (contact your local center to make sure the test is available there). A minimum score of 70% is required to pass the exam. You will receive your test results immediately after completing the exam. Photo identification will be required, and a square root calculator may be used at the time of testing.

    After passing the test, please submit a completed application form for your respective license along with a photocopy (or photo) of your passing grade score to

Application Forms

Use the following application forms if applying for an Indiana operator or blaster license for the first time:

Operator license application Blaster license application

To renew your current Indiana operator or blasting license, use the application form below:

Renewal application