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New Platform: IDHS Services Gateway

Beginning Jan. 22, 2024, all building and fire safety inspections, amusement and entertainment permitting, and firework permitting conducted in the Public Safety Portal (PSP) transitioned to an improved and updated platform called the IDHS Services Gateway. (All functions that pertain to regulated lift devices, amusement devices and boiler and pressure vessels that are currently conducted within the DFBS or PSP systems continue without change.) The PSP system no longer serves requests for fireworks and amusement and entertainment permits, as well as building inspections and violation reports. However, users are asked to resolve any outstanding violation fines in the PSP system.

Users will need to have an active Access Indiana account (as with PSP) when using the IDHS Services Gateway.

Eventually, all transactions, permits, violation payments, etc., will be served by the IDHS Services Gateway. Until then, services will be phased into the system while existing systems work parallel to provide customer service. All updates and changes will be communicated promptly to users.

Questions about transactions impacted by this change can be directed to 317-232-1407 or

At a Glance
  • Phase 1 of the launch of the IDHS Services Gateway included building and fire safety inspections, firework permitting and amusement and entertainment permitting formerly in PSP.
  • All previous Access Indiana credentials remain valid.
  • Functions in the DFBS system were not impacted in Phase 1.

Please choose your path from the options below based on your business needs:

IDHS Services Gateway

Use the IDHS Services Gateway for:

  • Amusement and entertainment permits
  • Fireworks permits
  • General building and fire safety inspections
  • New fines related to the above

IDHS Services Gateway
Note: Use browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari; other browsers may experience issues.

Public Safety Portal

Use the Public Safety Portal for:

  • Amusement rides permits
  • Boilers and pressure vessels permits
  • Elevators, escalators and other regulated lift devices permits
  • Fines related to the above
  • Fines issued prior to launch of IDHS Services Gateway

Public Safety Portal
Note: Use browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari; other browsers may experience issues.

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