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Occupant Load Requests

Effective January 1, 2021

If a location does not have a local building or fire official to complete an occupant load for a structure and there is no previous architect/design professional occupant load listed or available, a request may be made to IDHS Code Enforcement for assistance.

When an occupant load is requested, Code Enforcement will also be providing a full inspection of the building to ensure all building and fire safety codes are in compliance.

Note: If you do not own or work for the business in question, or if you are attempting to file a complaint about a business, do not complete the Occupant Load Request form. Contact the Code Enforcement Section at 317-232-1407.

Denial of Occupant Load Requests

A request for occupant load inspection may be denied in the following situations:

  • An occupant load is already posted and no significant remodel, structural changes or change of use have occurred without a design professional/plans submitted to IDHS Building Plan Review.
  • An occupant load was provided by IDHS previously.
  • An occupant load request for an older building, where the building codes are not kept on-hand, will be denied and referred to a design professional or code consultant.
    • Requests for occupant loads and questions based on how to reconfigure space or change a space should be referred to a code consultant or design professional.

Inspection Guidelines

When Code Enforcement inspects a structure for occupant load, the guidelines below will be followed:

  • A full building and fire inspection will be conducted at the same time of occupant load calculation unless an inspection has been completed by IDHS in the previous 12 months.
    • Any violations found will be issued.
    • If an occupant load is found, by code, to require a sprinkler or fire alarm system that is not installed at the time of inspection, then a potential fire watch or closure will be issued on-site.
  • An IDHS sign will be issued and posted to the location with the determined occupant load and date.

Occupant Load Request Form