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Code Enforcement FAQ

  • What is a Class 1 structure?
               Answer: IC-22-12-1-4
               A building or structure that is intended to be or is occupied or otherwise used in any part by:
                   1) The public
                   2) Three (3) or more tenants
                   3) One (1) or more persons who act as the employees of another.
  • What is a Class 2 structure?
            A building or structure that is intended to contain or contains only one (1) dwelling unit or two (2) dwelling units unless any part of the building or structure is regularly used as a Class 1 structure.
  • What is a Building Official and/or Authority having Jurisdiction?
               Answer: 675 IAC 13 and 675 IAC 17
               A State Building Commissioner or officer of a local unit of government empowered by law to administer and enforce the rules of the Commission.  For the purpose of Industrialized Building Systems, Building Official means the State Building Commissioner.
  • Who inspects Class II structures (1 and 2 family dwellings)?
      Answer: Local units of government.
  • Who inspects Class I structures (public and commercial buildings)?
    Local units of government and/or the Office of the State Building Commissioner when the local unit does not have an approved ordinance and building department.
  • Who inspects agricultural buildings?
              Answer: Local units of government if they have an ordinance requiring inspection.
  • What is the responsibility of local government regarding building codes?
              Answer: IC 36-7-2-9 states in part, "Each unit shall require compliance with the code of building laws that is adopted in the rules of the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission under IC 22-13."