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Amusement and Entertainment Permits


New Platform: IDHS Services Gateway

Beginning on Jan. 22, 2024, the IDHS Services Gateway now serves customers seeking to file for amusement and entertainment permits, as well as fireworks permits and building inspections and violations. These services previously were housed in the Public Safety Portal system, but they are now handled by the IDHS Services Gateway. Use the IDHS Services Gateway link for new business. All previously acquired Access Indiana credentials remain the same.

Concert at theater

Concert at theaterAmusement and entertainment permits are required for events at a variety of locations and venues. Some of the most common kinds of places that require amusement entertainment permits are places where the following kinds of events occur: concerts and other shows, amusement rides, movies and dances.

It is extremely important that the owner of the property or the operator of an event applies for an amusement and entertainment permit well in advance of the first planned event so that the necessary life safety inspections of the venue can be performed to protect public safety.

Overview of Amusement and Entertainment Permits

Apply for an Amusement and Entertainment Permit

Before a permit can be issued, you will be required to pay a fee (unless exempt) and the facility must be inspected and found in compliance with all applicable fire safety laws. Permits must be renewed annually. If you have questions about amusement and entertainment permits, contact the Code Enforcement Section at

Required Information
  • Information about the facility owner
  • Information about the facility location
  • Owner/facility contact information
  • Event names, dates and times
  • Electronic copy of the facility's floor plan
  • If tents or other membrane structures are part of your event, complete the Anchorage Documentation form too. It must be completed by the installer of the structures and signed by the event coordinator when the manufacturer/engineering specifications regarding the anchoring are not available.
Other Requirements
  • Keep all the information at hand when filing. If the web application times out, all information must be retyped.
  • To use the online service, instant access and credit card fees will apply that are separate from the normal fees.
  • Payments by mail are not accepted and will be returned.

Apply online
Note: Use browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari; other browsers may experience issues.


Amusement and Entertainment Permits
Annual permit, based on occupant load
1-99 $99
100-499 $134
500-999 $168
1,000-4,999 $203
5,000-9,999 $237
10,000+ $272
Special event endorsement $99


Amusement Rides

See the Elevators and Amusement Rides page.


See the Fireworks Information page.

Food Trucks

IDHS does not regulate or inspect food trucks. For informational purposes, the following fire safety requirements for food trucks are from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):

Outdoor Event Equipment

Apply for a permit for outdoor event equipment through the IDHS Services Gateway.

Tents and Other Membrane Structures

Tents and other membrane structures are regulated according to Indiana Administrative Code, Title 675, Article 22, Chapter 31 for fire prevention and safety. Oftentimes, tents and membrane structures are set up for events like fairs and festivals, which require amusement and entertainment permits. The Anchorage Documentation form should be included when applying for amusement and entertainment permits for events that include tents or other membrane structures.

Download the Tents and Other Membrane Structures Presentation for information to help understand the requirements of Chapter 31.