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Application For Amusement & Entertainment Permit

Amusement and entertainment permits are required for events at a variety of locations and venues. Some of the most common kinds of places that require amusement entertainment permits are places where the following kinds of events occur: concerts and other shows, amusement rides, movies and dances. It is extremely important that the owner of the property or the operator of the event applies for the amusement entertainment permit well in advance of the first planned event so that the necessary life safety inspections of the venue can be performed to protect public safety.

Overview of Amusement and Entertainment Permits

1. If ready to apply online, please have the following information ready:

  • Information about the Owner of the Facility.
  • Information about location of the Entertainment Facility.
  • Owner / Facility Contact Information.
  • Event Names, Dates and Times for the Entertainment Permit.
  • New Requirement: You will need to upload an electronic copy of the floor plan of the AE facility, so please ensure this information is available before you start the application process.

2. Other important information when filing the project:

  • Keep all the information at hand when filing. If the web application times you out you will have to re-type all the information.
  • If you have questions regarding the Entertainment permits, please contact the IDHS Code Enforcement Section at codequestions@dhs.in.gov.
  • You will have to pay instant access and credit card fees besides the normal fees to use this service.

3. If you have a tent(s) or other membrane structure(s) associated with your Amusement and Entertainment event, please read and print the Anchorage Documentation form when necessary for your event.

4. Online Application for Amusement & Entertainment Permit (Public Safety Portal)

Public Safety Portal
Note: When completing an online application, please use browsers Chrome or Edge; other browsers may experience issues. In accordance with the state's goal to modernize and offer better customer service to Hoosiers, you are encouraged to apply online and not by paper.

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