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Changing Lives Through Public Safety Education, Training and Certification

About the Fire & Public Safety Academy

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The Indiana Fire & Public Safety Academy is an education and training subdivision of the Division of Fire & Building Safety, under the Indiana State Fire Marshal and established as an institution for public safety education, training and advanced studies for Indiana's fire department personnel and volunteers; emergency medical services personnel; telecommunicators; emergency management personnel and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives personnel in the areas of fire prevention; enforcement of fire safety laws; firefighting; emergency medical services and other areas of public safety.

The Academy was also created to establish inspection training requirements for members of volunteer fire companies and to certify individuals who meet those requirements. The Academy collaborates with public safety boards and commissions in the state to establish criteria for certification and credentialing of public safety personnel.

The Academy is led by a director and has two subsections: (1) Fire Training and Certifications and (2) Public Safety.

The director and operations director are members of the North American Fire Training Directors organization.


Recent News

Training Update: Executive Leadership Block Rebranded

The Executive Leadership block (100-500) has been rebranded. The new course is now referred to as Public Safety Leadership Development. Three offerings are available now via the Acadis Portal. This program has undertaken a large refresh to become more streamlined. The foundational bock 100 will set the stage for the rest of the program, and all instructors will now teach and build upon each other’s presentation. At the end of block 500, students will be able to take something back to their organization as a tool for success. The Academy recognizes Zach Mathews and Cora Showalter for their work and dedication to help make these changes happen.

Listed in Acadis:

  • Fire - Public Safety Leadership Development 100 - PSLD 1 - 210007 District 2
  • Fire - Public Safety Leadership Development 200 - PSLD 2 - 210014 District 1
  • Fire - Public Safety Leadership Development 300 - PSLD 3 - 210009 District 1

New Emergency Response Support Function Created

The Academy has implemented a new curriculum requirement for the Emergency Response Support (ERS) function. Potential volunteer personnel can now opt to pursue qualification as ERS. This 30-hour program will put additional boots on the ground at response scenes while also freeing up certified firefighters with volunteer departments to attack an active fire instead of focusing on other emergency response tasks. For more information, read "New Requirements for Volunteer Fire Personnel" (page 16) in the August edition of the Hoosier Responder.

Recent Updates

The Acadis Portal is the hub for online fire and EMS training and certifications.

Use this list to find what courses or certifications are needed before registering for a course.

Agencies may sign up for the opportunity to receive decommissioned shipping containers when available.

Fire Certifications and Training

Get Alarmed Smoke Alarm Program

Get Alarmed logo
Get Alarmed logo

The IDHS Get Alarmed program works closely with service providers and fire departments to distribute smoke alarms to Indiana residents at no cost, thanks to a federal Fire Prevention and Safety Grant. For more information, visit the Get Alarmed page.

Specialized Public Safety Trainings

The Academy offers specialized trainings in the areas of emergency medical services, emergency management, radioactive materials and more. Contact firetraining@dhs.in.gov to suggest the Academy host a special training on a particular public safety topic.

Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education

The Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education (BFPSE) establishes the rules and regulations for voluntary training for fire service and, for some specialized training, non-fire service personnel in Indiana including deciding criteria for certification of firefighters at different levels of education within the state. The board responds to variance requests and other issues at its monthly meetings. Visit the Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education for more information, such as recent meeting minutes.

Free "in.gov" Domains, Affordable Website Service Available via State Program

County and municipal fire departments, EMS providers and emergency management agencies are eligible to obtain official "in.gov" domain names for use in websites or email addresses via the IN.gov Program offered by the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT). The state's website service is also available at affordable rates.


FREE: Any Indiana local government entity can request an official "in.gov" domain name. This can be used to change website URLs from using ".com" or ".org" to using "in.gov." Email addresses can also use the "in.gov" domain name once established. These domain records can be managed by the IN.gov team on an agency’s behalf, or the records can be delegated for locals to handle. Get started today!


PAID: Any Indiana local government entity can sign on to the state’s website service for as little as $100 a month. This provides an easy-to-use website management system for a professional-quality website, official domain trustworthiness, online security, ADA compliance and attentive customer support. No coding is necessary, and training on the tool is included. For more information, contact IOT at its Local Government webpage.