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Individual Certifications


Adding Social Security Numbers to Acadis

To be compliant with the rules and regulations associated with the EMS Compact, which allows Indiana certified EMS personnel to practice in other EMS Compact member states, the EMS Section is required to collect Social Security numbers from all current license holders and new applicants. Indiana EMS personnel are asked to enter their Social Security number into their existing Acadis account. Only the last four digits will be visible and will be used for identity verification, particularly with the National EMS Coordinated Database. Read additional instructions and information

General Information

Information on Indiana Certification and Training Standards can be found in IAC 836 Article 4.

If your Indiana certification has been expired for more than 4 months or you were unable to complete your continuing education prior to expiration, complete the Recertification Based on Previous Certification application.

You are only eligible to challenge the written and practical testing one time.

If you completed your in-service prior to expiration, and it has been less than 120 days since expiration, you can submit your continuing education/renewal form and $50.00 reapplication fee. Only check, money order or certain credit cards are accepted (no cash). For credit card payment use the Credit Card Form. Submit in person or by certified mail.

Applications, Curriculum, Testing and Continuing Education

Select the collapsible (drop-down) sections below to find the following EMS information:

  • Applications and Curriculum for applications, renewals and other guidance, such as:
    • Initial applications
    • Renewal and continuing education reports
    • Reciprocity applications and curriculum
    • Exam report forms (skills sheets)
  • Testing for information on how to register for testing, such as tests for:
    • EMRs
    • EMTs
    • AEMTs and paramedics
    • Primary instructors
  • Online Continuing Education for websites that offer free online courses that can be used for continuing education hours