Emergency Management Training Program

This academy's primary responsibility is to provide a comprehensive training program based on the needs of the state in the areas of mitigation (preventing or lessening the effects of a hazard), preparedness (planning, training, and exercising), response (responding to hazards to prevent further injury or damage), and recovery (restoring community functions, both short and long term).

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security's Training Division has instituted an Online Training Calendar to better serve emergency managers, fire fighters, law enforcement, emergency medical services, public works, public health, volunteer organizations, elected and appointed officials, and others throughout the state with their training needs. The web calendar will be updated periodically so please check back often.

IDHS Training Application

Free Consortium Online Training Links

AWR-160-W Terrorism Awareness for Emergency First Responders

AWR-168-W Cyber Law and White Collar Crime

AWR-173-W Information Security Basics

MGT-335-W Event Security Planning for Public Safety Professionals


Professional Emergency Manager (PEM) Program

The Professional Emergency Manager Program (PEM) is Indiana’s standard to help raise and maintain professional standards and recognize individuals who have demonstrated basic competencies in the emergency management profession.  Interested persons complete a series of courses, exercises, professional contributions and meet work experience requirements in the  emergency management discipline or related public safety fields will submit an application to apply and once approved will take an examination for certification. For more information regarding PEM requirements or application procedures, please see the PDF documents below:

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