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EOC Operations

About the State Emergency Operations Center

Tour of State EOC During COVID-19 Activation (2020)

Tour of State EOC During COVID-19 Activation (2020)

Tour of State EOC During COVID-19 Activation (2020)

The State of Indiana Emergency Operations Center, located in the Indiana Government Center, functions as a central coordination center for subject matter experts and key organization personnel who facilitate an effective, direct and coordinated response to the needs of the citizens of Indiana in the event of a natural disaster or significant events.

Through our state-of-the-art Emergency Operation Center, the EOC staff tracks and disseminates late breaking information gathered from its multiple networks of local, state, federal, private sector, volunteer organizations, and emergency management agencies across the state. By working hand-in-hand, all of these organizations can effectively and swiftly respond to disasters small or large, natural or manmade.

The EOC utilizes a secure internet based common operating picture, WebEOC, that currently has over 4,000 registered users. Each of these registered users acts as a “sensor” with the ability to provide timely and critical information.  WebEOC is an information sharing system that provides the ability to effectively communicate, coordinate and support emergency management response activities across the state.

The EOC is staffed 24/7 by dedicated IDHS employees trained to; track developing situation across the state, provide guidance and support to emergency management / first responders across the state, and provide a 24/7 contact point with our state, regional and federal partners.

Critical Incident Reporting Requirements for County EMAs to the State EOC