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Building Plan Review FAQs

Plan Review FAQs

Do I Need to File?

  • What buildings must have a design release issued by the state?

    All Class 1 structures, which is defined as any part of the following:

    • A building or structure that is intended to be or is occupied or is otherwise used in any part by:
      • the public
      • three or more tenants
      • one or more persons who act as the employees of another
    • Site improvements which affect accessibility to buildings which are Class 1 structures

    In general, supportive living facilities are considered Class 1 structures. For conditions that must be met for a supportive living facility to be considered a Class 2 structure, review the Classification of Supportive Living Facilities guidance.

    Buildings used only for an agricultural purpose on the land where they are located and not used for retail trade are not Class 1 structures.

    Vehicular bridges are not Class 1 structures.

    For more guidance, view the Do You Need to File? section of the Building Plan Review Process page.

    To determine if your project may be exempt from filing with the state, contact Building Plan Review staff at or 317-232-6422.

  • What information is required to file a Chapter 34?
    • Complete Score Sheets (Table 3410.7).
    • Provide a narrative and complete calculations explaining the scores taken (3410.6.1 – 3410.6.18).
    • Complete set of plans showing compliance with the scores taken in item B.

    Also see the amendments to Chapter 34 in Article 13 of the Indiana Administrative Code.

    Can You Expedite a Chapter 34 Project?

    Yes, but this decision is made on a case-by-case basis.

  • We are building a pump house within our existing municipal sewage plant facility. Is a design release required?

    That depends. If the pump house is owned and used by a utility and will never be occupied or used by the public and will not normally be occupied or used by a person acting as an employee of another, the building is exempt from the design release requirement. Refer to Page 27 of 675 IAC 12-6-4.

    Several other Class 1 structures are also exempt from the design release requirement because of their use or their small size.

    To determine if your project may be exempt from filing with the state, contact Building Plan Review staff at or 317-232-6422.

  • We are replacing our 100-ampere breaker panel with a 200-ampere panel. Is a design release required?

    Probably not. Replacement in the same location of electrical equipment or devices with those of a similar type and rating including an increase in current capacity in nonhazardous areas where there is no change in voltage or phases does not require a design release. Refer to Page 27 of 675 IAC 12-6-4.


  • I want my project to be released as soon as possible. What deficiencies commonly hold up the review process?

    The following are common issues with applications:

    • Application is not signed and uploaded with plans.
    • ComCheck is missing.
    • Truss drawings are missing.
    • Dimensions on site plan and/or building plans are missing.
    • Owner information missing, such as owner's signature. Signature may be original or a copy.
    • For additions or remodels, overall floor plan for entire building is not provided.
    • For Chapter 34 filings, plans to substantiate evaluation documents are not provided.
    • Incorrect or incomplete design professional certificate for projects which must be certified. The design professional must sign the application for construction design release and identify the inspecting design professional.
    • Proper fees are not paid. Review the fee schedule listed in 675 IAC 12 at the Indiana Administrative Code website (Article 12, Rule 3, starting on page 5).
  • How will I know when my plan review has been completed and released?

    You will receive a copy of the Construction Design Release via email.

  • How can I find the status of my project?

    Visit the Project Activity page.

  • How long does the Building Plan Review process take?

    The submission of an application starts an automatic 10-business-day clock. Within those 10 business days, IDHS will respond to the application with one of: (1) a notice of Construction Design Release, (2) a notice of incomplete filing or (3) a notice that the project has been selected for a detailed review. Before that response, if you choose to upload additional documents, please be aware that will restart the 10-day period. If your project is selected for a detailed review, Indiana law allows IDHS an additional 20 days to complete that process.

    Consequently, it is in your interest to provide all your latest, finished materials at the time you file your project initially. Please do not file an incomplete set of documents and use the 10-day period to complete and upload your work. If you do so, each upload will send your project back to the start of the line.

    Note: The time frames described above apply only to the Building Plan Review Section's processes and do not include the time spent waiting for the submitter's response(s). The actual length of time between submission of an application and issuance of a design release will depend on the completeness and code-compliance of the project submitted.


Contacting IDHS