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Non-Rule Policy Documents/Interpretations of the Commission's Rules

The following list contains non-rule policies and interpretations of Indiana’s building, fire safety and equipment laws. In general, these policies and interpretations must be followed by the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, local building and fire departments and any other authority having jurisdiction to enforce the building and fire safety laws of the state.

Indiana Code

General Administrative Rules

Industrialized Building Systems

2005 Indiana Residential Code

2008 Indiana Building Code

2008 Indiana Fire Code

2009 Indiana Electrical Code

2010 Indiana Energy Conservation Code

2010 Indiana NFPA 13

2012 Indiana Plumbing Code

2014 Indiana Building Code

2014 Indiana Fire Code

2014 Indiana Fuel Gas Code

2014 Indiana Mechanical Code

2020 Indiana Residential Code

Indiana Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules

Indiana Amusement Device Code

Indiana Swimming Pool Code

Referenced Standards