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Petition for Review

Petition for Review

If you would like to file a petition for review, you may do so by completing the form below or by serving a petition for review by mail or personal service in accordance with the requirements of your order. By filing a petition for review, you are requesting the initiation of an adversarial proceeding before an administrative law judge (ALJ). Generally speaking, a petition for review is appropriate when you believe the law was improperly applied, you disagree with the facts supporting the decision, or the order was inappropriate for some reason. By completing and submitting the online form, the requirement of service by U.S. mail or personal service contained in IC 4-21.5-3-1(c) has been waived.

Please note, just because you file for a petition for review does not mean you do not have to comply with the requirements of the order or that the order is not effective. Please review your order to determine the effective date of its requirements.

If your request for administrative review is granted, an ALJ will be assigned to your case. The ALJ will conduct all administrative proceedings (prehearing conferences, status conferences, and evidentiary hearings) and may issue orders containing factual findings and legal conclusions related to the matter being reviewed. Decisions of the ALJ, not involving emergency orders, do not become final orders until reviewed by the ultimate authority which may affirm, modify, remand or reverse any findings of the ALJ. However, the ALJ is the ultimate authority for all actions with respect to emergency orders.

Note: If the form does not appear here, or appears with an error, please open in a new window.