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Request for Written Interpretation

Any person involved in a dispute with a county or municipality regarding the interpretation of a building or fire safety law may request that a written interpretation be issued by the State Building Commissioner. A written interpretation issued under Indiana Code § 22-13-5-2 binds the interested person and the county or municipality with whom the interested person has the dispute. If the interpretation is published in the IN Register, it becomes binding on all counties and municipalities.

Please note, this process is limited to interpretations of the law. Requests for the resolution of factual disputes or to overturn the application of the law do not qualify. The enforcement or application of the law and any interpretation of the State Building Commissioner is left to the appropriate authority having jurisdiction.

To request an interpretation, please complete the form below. Upon receipt of the request, an initial determination will be made regarding whether the request qualifies for an interpretation. In making this determination, the local official may be consulted. If the request does not qualify, you will be notified. If the request qualifies, a written interpretation will be issued within 10 business days of receipt.

Request for Written Interpretation Form