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Informal Review

Informal Review

If you disagree with an order and would like an informal review of the action (as opposed to a formal adversarial proceeding before an administrative law judge), please complete the form below. Following receipt of this form, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) will review your request and may modify or reverse the order. IDHS will attempt to respond to your request within five (5) business days; however, a request for an informal review does not extend the deadline for filing a petition for review.

Requests for informal review are commonly made for the following items:

  • Requests for additional time to correct a code violation. These requests must be made prior to the deadline for compliance.
  • Requests for a reduction or waiver of a fine for extenuating circumstances.
  • Requests for reconsideration of whether a code violation appropriately applies to your building or equipment.

Note: If the form does not appear here, or appears with an error, please open in a new window.