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On a daily basis, Hoosier first responders put others' safety above their own. Members of the fire service, emergency management, telecommunications, EMS and law enforcement make the well-being of their fellow citizens their top priority when called to respond to incidents.

Consider supporting first responders statewide by buying a First Responders license plate or making a donation to the state's Regional Public Safety Training Fund or IDHS directly.

Secured Indiana License Plate 2019

First Responders License Plate

Show Hoosier first responders your support and gratitude for their commitment to their fellow citizens. The next time you renew your vehicle's plate, ask for a First Responders license plate, or purchase one online.

Proceeds from license plate sales have in the past been used for projects such as providing scholarships for first responders, equipping them with personal protective equipment, acquiring first responder equipment and training responders.

Small Fee, Big Impact

The fee to receive a First Responders license plate is only $40, in addition to your normal vehicle registration and excise fees. Of the $40 fee, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles retains $15 for administrative costs with the remaining $25 going directly to the Regional Public Safety Training Fund. If you request a low-end number from one to 100 or a specific number, there is an additional one-time $30 fee.

By paying a small fee and purchasing a First Responders license plate, you can make a big impact by assisting Indiana’s first responders who help protect your loved ones, neighbors and yourself.

Buy a First Responders plate

First responder logos
First responder logos

Regional Public Safety Training Fund

This fund was established to provide regional and advanced training for public safety service providers, support development of firefighter training facilities, provide scholarships for students enrolled in post-secondary coursework in public safety and purchase equipment to enhance emergency preparedness and response capabilities of public safety agencies or EMS providers. The fund is managed by IDHS.

Donate to Regional Public Safety Training Fund


General IDHS Donations

First responders around Indiana recognize IDHS as a leader in first responder training and the state's emergency management agency.

IDHS supports numerous state, county, local and private-sector first responders through training, planning, exercises and also response and recovery activities. This includes operating the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) around the clock.

IDHS also leads the state's fire and building safety. The Indiana State Fire Marshal guides the Division of Fire and Building Safety (within IDHS), which oversees the enforcement of building codes and includes a fire investigations unit.

The agency is largely funded by user fees and grant funding.

Donate to IDHS