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Licensed Foster Parent Resources

Foster Parents Bill of Rights, Relevant Statutes and Policy Manual:

Grievance Filing Process and Contact Information:

Click here to download a copy of this information.

Alternative Training:

Alternative In-Service Training hours are available to assist foster parents in meeting the annual in-service training requirements.

In addition, foster parent support groups are available in your county of residence. These meetings provide support and information related to foster parenting, and fulfill a portion of the annual in-service training requirements.

Alternative Training List

Foster Parent Liability Insurance:

Car Insurance Information for Foster Youth:

ProviderOfferAnnual Price
State FarmOffers policies for drivers as young as 15 for learners permitsNone provided
Indiana FarmersOffers a separate policy if the parents are also insured$1,700 - $3,800
USAAOffers the children of current members to have their own policies without having the parent listed$1,000 - $3,000
TravelersValid license requiredNone provided
NationwideRequires driving experienceNone provided
AmFamOffers 565 policies nationally for 16 to 18 year oldsNone provided

Click here to download a copy of car insurance information for foster youth.

Other Resources for Foster Parents:

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