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Public Schools

Schools in the county are divided into five school corporations.

Randolph Eastern School Corporation serves Union City and the surrounding area. Schools include:

  • Union City High School
  • West Side Middle School
  • North Side Elementary

Randolph Central School Corporation serves the communities of Winchester, Ridgeville, and Saratoga. Schools include:

  • Winchester Community High School
  • Driver Middle School
  • Baker Elementary
  • Deerfield Elementary
  • Willard Elementary

Monroe Central School Corporation serves the western part of the county including Farmland, Parker City, and the surrounding area.

  • Monroe Central Elementary
  • Monroe Central Jr./Sr. High School

Union School Corporation serves the Modoc and Losantville areas in the southwest area of the county.

  • Union Elementary
  • Union Jr./Sr. High

Randolph Southern School Corporation serves the greater Lynn area in the south-central portion of the county.

  • Randolph Southern Elementary
  • Randolph Southern Jr./Sr. High School