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Tax Certificate Sales

Tax Certificate Sales, commonly referred to as Tax Sales, occur annually in Randolph County. Tax sale properties are identified by the Treasurer's Office as a result of non-payment of real estate property taxes.

When you purchase at a tax sale, you are not directly purchasing real estate, but rather a Tax Sale Certificate in the amount of the delinquent taxes.

The owner of the property generally has up to 12 months to redeem the certificate by paying the delinquent taxes, interest, and any legal fees required to regain title to the property.

There are notification responsibilities for Tax Sale Certificate owners.

If the property is not redeemed within the specified time period, the owner of the Tax Sale Certificate may petition the court for a tax sale deed.

Randolph County utilizes the services of SRI Incorporated for tax certificate sales. To review a list of available tax lien properties, to learn more about how to bid and the responsibilities of certificate holders, and to review tax sale FAQs, visit the SRI Randolph County Page