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Treasurer's Office Website:

Brenda Tharp is the Randolph County Treasurer.

The county Treasurer is responsible for collecting taxes and together with the Auditor, the Treasurer insures the proper distribution of funds.

The Treasurer also acts as the primary investment officer, having custodial and investment responsibility for all taxes and other revenues collected by the county government.

Courthouse Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. The Courthouse is CLOSED on major holidays and election days.

Tax Coupons and Statements will be mailed in the spring for pay 2024. Both SPRING AND FALL installments are included with this mailing. There is no mailing in the fall.

  • Spring Tax Installment Due Date: Friday, May 10, 2024
  • Fall Tax Installment Due Date: Monday, November 11, 2024

For detailed payment information visit the Pay Your Property Taxes page.

To directly pay taxes on line visit:

To access payment history, billing information and make payments visit:

For Personal Property Judgments, contact: American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) 1-888-317-2327 ext 500

For the property tax calculation chart please visit:


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  • Why didn't I get a notice that my property taxes were delinquent?

    Tax statements and payment coupons are mailed once per year in the spring. That bill has two payment coupons to make a payment in May and November. Notices are not sent when taxes are delinquent. Delinquent amounts will be shown on the next payment coupon. If the property is eligible for tax sale, notices are sent prior to the property being listed on the tax sale list.

  • What happens if I miss a property tax payment?

    A penalty of 5% of the unpaid balance will be added if you have no other delinquencies on that parcel and the taxes are paid within 30 days of the due date. After 30 days the penalty amount is 10% of the unpaid balance.

  • Do you accept postmarks for property tax payments?

    Yes, we consider a payment "on time" if the envelope is postmarked on or before the due date. Please be aware of postal deadlines and specific procedures when mailing your property tax bill. We use the postmark as printed on the envelope when determining if a payment is on time. (Please note: Postmarks are valid for regular tax payments only and do not apply to properties going to tax sale.)

  • How do tax sales work?

    SRI Inc. handles both tax sales and commissioner's sales for Randolph County. Visit the SRI Tax Sale FAQs for more information.

  • How are property taxes billed?

    Based on the January 1st ownership year, taxes are due and payable the following year in two installments. Tax bills are mailed once a year; both the 1st and 2nd installment payment coupons are included. Due dates are on each installment statement. Taxes not paid on or before the due date are subject to a penalty.

  • What needs to be done to obtain a mobile home title transfer or moving permit?

    If possible you should bring the mobile home title to the Treasurer’s office to obtain a permit. If no title is available we would need to prepare a letter stating all taxes were paid for three consecutive years for the license branch. If you are moving the mobile home you will need to provide the new location address. We also need the name of the current mobile home owner to verify the taxes have been paid. To obtain a title transfer and/or moving permit you must have the full years taxes paid. If it is after January 15th assessment date you must pay an estimated tax for that year. Permits are good for 90 days.

  • I never received my property tax bill, what do I do?

    You should contact the Treasurer's office at (765) 584-0704. We will verify your mailing address and mail a new bill out to you. Failure to receive a tax statement by mail does not relieve the taxpayer of the responsibility for payment and penalties when delinquent.

  • I need to change my mailing address for my property tax bills, what do I do?

    Mailing address changes are handled in the Treasurer’s office and the taxpayer should notify us. The tax statement will continue to go to your former address unless our office is notified by you or the Post office returns your mail to us. You can call our office at (765) 584-0704 or email at

  • How do I get a receipt for my property tax payment?

    When making your payment in person we will print a receipt out for you. When mailing your payment we will return a receipt if you include a stamped self-addressed envelope,

  • Why does the previous owner's name show up on my property tax bill?

    If you purchase a property after the January 1st assessment date, then the previous owner's name will appear on the bill. The county is to show who the owner of the record was as of January 1st. You should expect the former owner's name to be deleted the next year.

  • How can I pay my property tax bill?

    You can pay your bill in person, drop box (located @ SW corner of courthouse) or by mail: 100 S Main Street, Room 103, Winchester, IN 47394. Payments can also be made at Old National Bank in Winchester, April - May 10th & October to November 10th; must be in person (no drop box), have payment coupon & pay by check only.  Pay using QR code, online at or by phone 1-765-754-4990 (charges apply).  For more detailed information visit the Pay Your Property Taxes page.

  • Why do I have property taxes?

    We are accustomed to the services provided by our local community. Schools, police, fire protection, libraries, and roads are only a few of the amenities property taxes make possible. Without property taxes, we couldn’t support the above services.

  • When does my property go to the tax sale?

    All real estate parcels that have a balance due from spring of the prior year or before are eligible for the tax sale. Normally, tax sale notices are sent out in July if our county is collecting in May and November. Upon certifying the tax amounts to the Auditor there is a $130.00 tax sale fee added. You would have from July until the day of the sale to pay the back taxes. If your property does sell at the tax sale, you can still redeem the property but you will also have to pay tax sale fees and daily accruing interest (currently 10%).


Brenda Tharp

Randolph County Treasurer | (765) 584-8508

Tammy Pegg

Chief Deputy Treasurer | (765) 584-8412

Sheila Leach

Deputy Treasurer | (765) 584-0704

Office Information


Randolph County Treasurer
100 South Main Street, Room #103
Winchester, IN 47394
(765) 584-0704