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Section Cornerstone Maker Maintenance

Every deed, parcel, and legal land document in the State of Indiana is tied into the original survey performed in the early years of settlement. During that survey, Section Corner Stones (Also referred to as Section Markers) were set up to mark each square mile of the State.

In order to prevent gaps and overlaps of land ownership, these section cornerstones (section markers) are maintained by the Randolph County Surveyor.

The Surveyor finds section stones by digging in roadways, yards, and fields and referencing them by measurements to nearby structures (such as utility poles, fence posts, and buildings) and marking the location of the section corner at the surface (on the ground, roadways, etc.).

The County Surveyor maintains a corner record book showing the original government section corners and is required to establish, locate, and reference at least 5% of the corners each year.

The corner record book is available for inspection at the Surveyor's Office. As corners are identified, they are added to the Randolph County GIS System.

These section markers are used as reference points in the legal descriptions of the property definitions. Section markers can be located by using the Randolph County GIS System.

To request maintenance of a section marker on your property, contact the Surveyor's Office.