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Soil Water Conservation Issues

The Soil & Water Conservation District is responsible for monitoring:

  • Soil erosion, fertilizers, and pesticides from land development and agriculture
  • Failing septic systems
  • Impaired water quality in lakes, rivers, and streams
  • Impaired recreational use of lakes, rivers, and streams
  • Urban Sprawl
  • Decreased wildlife habitat

The district addresses local natural resource issues and concerns by:

  • Providing assistance to farmers on agricultural conservation practices
  • Providing assistance to developers on urban conservation practices
  • Providing assistance to homeowners on backyard conservation practices and septic system maintenance
  • Building partnerships and obtaining financial and technical resources to address natural resource issues.

A wealth of additional information can be found on the following websites:

The Soil and Water Conservation Office can help farmers better understand how to conserve their land by minimizing soil erosion and conserving water in farming operations.

Educational programs/materials include:

  • Neighborhood Models for Review
  • Depicts the areas around Randolph County
  • Neighborhood story
  • Quiz
  • Backyard Conservation
  • Rainbarrel Water Conservation Workshop

Contact the Soil & Water Conservation District to learn more!