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Road Maintenance

The Randolph County Highway Department maintains 869 miles which include 34 miles of stone, 719 miles of chip and seal, 116 miles of blacktop, and 218 bridges in the county. You can report a road problem to the department by calling (765) 584-2601.

Periodically, it is necessary to close roads for repairs or to advise on rough roads. When this is the case, the department will post a news item reflecting the road closure and the estimated timeframe to complete the repairs. Visit the News & Alerts section of the site for the latest county news including road-related news.

During the winter when heavy snows occur, the department works hard to keep roads clear. The department schedules snow removal based on the weather conditions and the prevailing winds. The roads that are drifting are typically addressed first.

In emergency situations such as fire or ambulance calls, ice storms, tornadoes, or heavy winter storms, the department provides road clearance services so the emergency vehicles can make it to their destination.

Road closures due to impassible roads as a result of heavy snowfall and/or flooding will be posted as Alerts which appear on the home page and are always listed first on the News & Alerts page.