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Obtain Birth Certificate

Use the Birth Certificate Application Form and complete all required fields, follow all form instructions, provide the required acceptable identification for obtaining a birth certificate along with your payment, and mail it to the Health Department at the address on the form. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Those eligible to obtain a birth certificate are:

  • the individual named on the record (18 years or older),
  • parents,
  • grandparents,
  • siblings (18 years or older),
  • child or grandchild (18 years or older),
  • current spouse,
  • aunt or uncle,
  • court-appointed legal guardian,
  • attorney,
  • state and federal agencies,
  • social agency
  • step-parent.

All must show supporting documents proving relationship to the individual and/or direct interest on letterhead, court documents, or notarized signed authorization from the individual.

ID required to get a certificate - ONE valid primary document or TWO secondary documents:


  • Government-issued driver's license/state ID (Address listed must match mailing address)
  • Military ID
  • The US or Foreign passport
  • Department of Corrections ID
  • College ID w/ proof of current enrollment
  • Work ID w/ name of the company listed (must be currently employed)
  • Veteran's ID
  • (Green) Mexico consular ID


  • Verification of employment on letterhead including date of employment, employee's address and manager's name, and signature
  • Voter registration with signature
  • Vehicle registration with signature (no titles)
  • Previous year's tax return (1040) with signature and social security number
  • Probation documents or statement from Probation Officer on letterhead, including person's name and date of birth with signature
  • Signed Warranty Deed or current lease/rental agreement (must show address and signature of applicant)
  • Signed Social Security card
  • Military discharge (DD-214)
  • Indiana only - Gun permit with signature
  • Indiana only - Professional license with signature

Amish Must Provide Two of the Items Listed

  • Non-Photo ID
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • School Records

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