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Applying for Marriage License

Requirements to Perform a Marriage

Indiana Code section 31-11-6-1 provides that marriages may be solemnized by any of the following:

In Indiana, a marriage may be performed by a member of the clergy of a religious organization, a Judge, a mayor within the mayor's county, a clerk or clerk-treasurer of a city or town (within a county in which the city or town is located), a clerk of the circuit court, The Friends Church (in accordance with the rules of the Friends Church), The German Baptists, (in accordance with the rules of their society), the Bahai faith, (in accordance with the rules of the Bahai faith), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and an imam of a masjid (mosque), in accordance with the rules of the religion of Islam.

Marriage Application Requirements

You may apply for a marriage license by going to before going to the Randolph County Clerk's office. Once you have applied online you must go to the Clerk's Office and they will finish issuing you a marriage license. If you do not have access to the internet you can go to the Randolph County Clerk's Office and complete the entire application process there. The prospective applicants must apply together and bring proof of identity in the form of one of the following:

  • Birth Certificate (signed and sealed)
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Passport
  • Draft Registration Card
  • Military ID Card
  • Service Discharge
  • Judicial Decree

Residents of Indiana must apply in the county in which either applicant lives, but can be married anywhere in the state of Indiana.

Nonresidents of Indiana must be married in the County of Indiana where they apply for their marriage license.

If you are 17 years of age you may apply provided both parents are present with you to sign with proof of identity (as discussed above).

If you are a female 15 or 16, you may apply with additional requirements:

  • You must have special permission from a judge (for reasons of pregnancy or birth and marrying the child's parent) AND
  • Have both parents present to sign giving consent and proof of identity.
  • Other conditions and costs may apply, call the clerk's office for details.

Marriage Application Costs

When applying for a marriage license, the cost for Indiana residents is $29.00. For out-of-state residents, the cost is $69.00.

Delivery of Marriage License

A certified copy of the marriage license will be mailed to the couple after the Record of Marriage is received and recorded.

The marriage license expires 60 days after the date of issuance. The Marriage must be performed in the State of Indiana.