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Laura MartinThe Randolph County Auditor is Laura Martin, a Randolph County official elected for a four-year term. The Auditor is a constitutional officer and is the fiscal officer for the county.

The Auditor is the coordinator of tax collection and distribution and is the county "Comptroller". The Auditor performs many county functions related primarily to taxes and finance. The Auditor also oversees the Information Technology functions of the county.

  • The Auditor processes accounts payable for all county departments.
  • The Auditor prepares and files an annual report for the County with the Indiana Board of Accounts.
  • Excise Taxes and Wheel Taxes are charged at the BMV for all vehicles registered in the state of Indiana. The county receives its portion of these funds from the state and the Auditor apportions these funds to the cities, towns, and townships.
  • The Auditor reviews and certifies the valuations established by the Assessors office.
  • The Auditor compiles Budgets and processes information required to determine budgets for county departments.
  • The Auditor distributes taxes collected by the Treasurer to the governmental units and agencies for which they were collected.
  • The Auditor oversees the management of the county GIS system. Web GIS at
  • The Auditor processes payroll for all county employees and administers the employee benefits programs. The Auditor also performs new hire processing.
  • The Auditor maintains the ordinances of Randolph County.
  • The Auditor prepares the agenda for the twice-monthly Commissioners Meetings, participates in the meetings and documents the decisions made during the proceedings, and posts the minutes of Commissioners Meetings to the website for public access.
  • The Auditor develops the financial analysis and cash flow projections needed to assist in budget preparations for the county departments.
  • The Auditor prepares plats that show the ownership and assessed valuation of each parcel in each township in the county (as part of the tax function).
  • The Auditor prepares the agendas for the monthly County Council meetings, participates in the meetings documents the proceedings, and publishes the County Council meeting minutes to the website for public access.
  • The Auditor processes ditch assessments for the county.
  • The Auditor oversees Sales Disclosure and Deed Transfer Processing.

Other Services

Tax Exemptions & Deductions

Processes Real Estate Property Tax Exemptions & Deductions

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County Income Tax

Administers the County Income Tax

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Search Auditor Archives

Land Records, Ordinance, Resolutions, Minutes

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  • Is there any way I can reduce my property taxes?

    There are a number of exemptions and deductions available to qualifying taxpayers. The County Auditor can provide you with information and assist you in determining whether or not you qualify.

    Another way to reduce your taxes is to ensure your assessed value of the property is correct. Learn about the assessments and appeal procedures by contacting the Assessor's Office at (765) 584-2427.

  • Do I have all the property tax exemptions I qualify for?

    Exemptions are filed in the Auditor’s Office. You can find information concerning exemptions here or by calling the Auditor's office at (765) 584-6700.

  • I need to change or add a name on my property tax bill, what do I need to do?

    The name on a real estate tax bill is the name of the deed holder. You need to contact the Auditor’s office to learn about the steps you must follow to change a deed. For changes of the name on personal property or businesses you will need to contact the Assessors office.


Laura Martin

Auditor | (765) 584-6700

Sherrie Timmons

Chief Deputy | (765) 584-1724

Melynda Donham

GIS Coordinator | (765) 584-5017, Ext. 241

Danita Saintignon

Accounts Payable Processor & Tax Sales Clerk | (765) 584-4209

Lora Simmons

Real Estate Transfers, Exemptions & Deductions | (765) 584-4176

Shannon Burney

Payroll & New Hire Processor | (765) 584-3418

Tim Hart

Ditch Assessment & Wheel Tax Processor | (765) 584-3612

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Room #102
(765) 584-6700