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Obtain Improvement Location Permit

Improvement Location Permits or "ILPs" are required any time you put an improvement on your property. This includes a home, carport, garage, outbuilding, storage shed, agricultural building or grain bin, swimming pool, or pond. Also, any time you add to the footprint of an existing building you will most likely need to get an ILP.

Many homeowners believe that if their new shed is "portable" because it doesn't have a foundation, it is temporary and they do not need a permit. Unless your shed or small storage unit is going to be moved off the property within 6 months, it is not temporary and does require an ILP. Furthermore, if you decide to move the building to another spot on the lot you will need to reapply for an ILP as setbacks to property lines will need to be checked again.

To determine if a permit is required for your project, contact the Area Planning Department at 765-584-8610. You will be asked the property address and what the property owner wishes to do on the property.

When you come in the office Area Planning will print out an aerial view of the property from the Randolph County GIS system to review the zoning and the setback requirements.

Area Planning will explain the setbacks from property lines for the zoning district where the property is located, and verify that all setbacks meet the county regulations.

Area Planning will submit your application to the Randolph County Surveyor's Office to verify that any structure will be 75 feet away from a legal county ditch. Once approved by the Area Planning Office and the Surveyor's office, you will be required to obtain a building permit from the Building Commission. The flood plain will be checked and any easements of record.

The modification to your property may also require a permit or approval from the Health Department for a septic system. If located within a city or town, you may be required to have a sewer tap permit or approval from that city or town.

For more details, refer to the Randolph County Unified Zoning Ordinance.