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New Parcel Split Procedure

Randolph County is implementing a new procedure for parcel splits. All parcel splits are now considered to be “subdivisions” ( Section 7.2 Unified Subdivision Control Ordinance of Randolph County Indiana). All parcel splits now require an Exempt Subdivision (Parcel Spit) Application to be submitted to the Area Planning Office. An Exempt Subdivision Application consists of filling out the Parcel Split Information Form and a survey of the parcel split which meets the requirements listed on the Exempt Subdivision Application Procedure page on this website.

All parcel split surveys will, as of July 1, 2017, be required to be brought to the Area Planning Department (325 S. Oak Street, Winchester, IN 47394) to be reviewed. All surveys (of parcel splits) will be stamped and have ATTACHED to them a Certification of Exempt Subdivision Status (Approval Sheet) completed by the staff. Both of these items must be present before any survey is recorded or presented to the Auditor’s Office for a parcel split. All deeds must also have this Approval Sheet ATTACHED prior to selling or recording. When surveys are taken to the Recorder’s Office make sure they clearly indicate “original”, “retracement”, “right-of-way”, “resubdivision”, etc. to assist this office.

An Approval Sheet does NOT guarantee a buildable lot. Lots may be non-buildable for many reasons.  Buildable or non-buildable will be indicated on this “Approval” Sheet along with the zoning district and intended use.  Lots indicated as buildable must still meet all requirements of the Unified Zoning Ordinance of Randolph County.  Setbacks, building heights, etc. could still restrict the ability of the land owner to build where and what they want. Buildable indicates that the buildable lot area has been met along with lot width and road frontage. The buildable lot area is the required area needed to build a structure that is outside of the right-of-ways, easements, and floodplains for the intended use and Zoning district. When residential is listed as the intended use, reciprocal setbacks to confinement operations, satellite manure storage, and windmills will be indicated on the Approval Sheet if they exist on the parcel split (a pre-application conference can reveal these issues).

The survey should be sent with return postage and packaging if it is desired to have it mailed back. The survey will be stamped and have the Approval Sheet sent with it. You may pick it up at the office if desired. Make sure to leave a phone number if you wish to be notified when it is ready to be picked up, otherwise, it will be ready within 2 business days. It is our intent to make this a 5 to 10-minute walk-through procedure.

Be aware that the split survey needs approval before a parcel is sold. If it doesn’t meet the zoning requirements for the intended use of the property it will not receive an Approval Sheet nor be recordable. The Area Planning Office will use the contact information on the Parcel Split Information Form to inform the applicant of any problems with the Exempt Subdivision (Parcel Split) Application.

All deeds of parcel splits must have the Approval Sheet ATTACHED before the selling or recording of the deed (Article I-Section 1.11 Unified Subdivision Control Ordinance of Randolph County Indiana). Potential buyers should be made aware of the information contained on the Approval Sheet. If there are any questions about the zoning restrictions on the property, the Area Planning Department should be contacted. These procedures are intended to safeguard the buyer and seller both.