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Area Planning Board

The Area Planning Commission Board (APC) is a thirteen-member board that meets monthly to review:

  • Zoning Change Requests
  • Requests to Subdivide Property
  • Requests for Planned Development Districts

The Commission also updates, as required, the:

Area Planning Board Members serving for 2024

  • Coy Applegate, Jr.
  • Amy Alka
  • Terry Alfrey
  • Don Calhoun
  • Abby Journay
  • Gary Friend
  • Jim Hufford
  • Steve Hernly
  • Tom Kerns
  • Adrian Moulton
  • John Reece
  • Will Greer
  • Jason Brewer

Meeting Minutes




Meeting Location / Contact Information

Meets Monday, Check the County Calendar for the next scheduled meeting date.

Center for Family Opportunity

Old Commissioners Room - 2nd Floor

Contact Information

If you have a matter for consideration by the board, contact Debra Johnting or Randy Abel at the Area Planning Department at (765) 584-8610.

Associated Department: Area Planning & Zoning