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Highway Department

The Martin County Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all county roads.

What We Do

  • Upkeep of approximately 370 miles of road, of which 203 miles are asphalt and 167 miles are stone
  • Maintenance of 44 bridges and approximately 3400 culverts and small structures


Reporting a maintenance request:

  • To report a pothole or missing sign: To report a pothole or a missing sign on a county road, you may submit your request by calling the office at (812) 247-2666 during office hours.
  • To report a tree blocking the roadway: To report a tree blocking the roadway, please call the Highway Dept. at (812) 247-2666. If you should need assistance after hours, please call the Martin County Sheriff’s Dept. at 812-247-3726.
  • To have a driveway culvert installed: If you feel that you need a driveway culvert installed/replaced, please call the department. We will have someone look at your driveway and give you a recommendation on the size of pipe needed. Once you purchase your pipe, we will install it for you and provide you with one load of stone to cover it.
  • To report dead animals: The department does not pick up dead animals. In the event, a deer is hit and in the road, the department will push it off the road with a plow to keep the road passable.

Speed limits: Most county road speed limits are set at 35 mph; however, there are some roads that are posted lower such as around schools. Please obey the posted speed limits, as they are set to provide motorists with a speed limit that provides a safe and reasonable flow of traffic.

Closures and delays: For road closures or delays we use the following radio stations and social media channels.

Scott Seals, Superintendent
P: (812) 247-2666
F: (812) 247-9935

Theresa Ray, Administrative Assistant
P: (812) 247-2666