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Publishing - Best practices

  • Do not attempt a second publish of the same page until a confirmation email is received from the first
  • "Publish all following page" and "Publish related pages" should only be used when adding items or changing names to navigation items and should be used sparingly
  • If you see Submit to Workflow, and the page doesn't let you publish. This is because your agency has a workflow and the page will need to be approved for publish.
  • In the publication dialog you have the option of publishing your changes to either test or production. You can select only test if you wish to review you page prior to making it live.
  • If you have already published your changes to test, you can uncheck the option "HTML_APACHE_TEST" in the dialog box
  • If you show errors in your publication report email and your changes DO NOT show on the live site, please submit a request here including the errors from your email.