Publishing a Single Change

  1. Finish making the change
  2. Ensure Foundation Page Controls are Open View Screenshot
  3. Right click anywhere within WebCMS, a popup menu option will appear. View Screenshot
  4. If page has not yet been submitted to workflow, select Submit to Workflow
             Note: This will release the page to WebCMS for all users to see
  5. Right click anywhere within WebCMS once again.
  6. Click Publish Page View Screenshot
  7. The Publication Menu opens View Screenshot
  8. Select HTML_APACHE_PROD to publish to the live site. View Screenshot
  9. Leave everything else as is.
  10. Select OK in the bottom right of the window.

Please Note: If you see Submit to Workflow, and the page doesn't let you publish. This is because your agency has a workflow and the page will need to be approved for publish.