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Inserting Existing Images

  1. Navigate to the page the needs modified.
  2. Select Open Foundation Page Controls
  3. Select Edit Text Content
  4. The Text Editor opens
  5. Select the Insert/Edit Image button Insert/Edit Image (the icon with a mountain and sunset)
  6. The Insert Image window opens
  7. Select File from Server if the file is already being used on the Agency’s website, if not see Inserting New Images
  8. Select OK
  9. The Asset Manager Opens
  10. Using the search function at the top of the window, begin typing the filename while leaving the asterisk (*) at the end
  11. Select the Search button
  12. Preview the file by selecting the icon, or select the filename to view document information
  13. After locating the correct file, click on the filename, and select OK
  14. Select OK (again)
  15. The Text Editor reappears
  16. See Editing Image Properties to edit the image properties
  17. Select OK
  18. See Publishing a Single Change to publish the changes