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Linking to New Document

  1. Navigate to the page the needs modified
  2. Select Open Foundation Page Controls
  3. Select Edit Text Content
  4. The Text Editor opens
  5. Highlight the word(s) to use for the hyperlink
  6. Select the Insert/Edit Link button (the chain link icon)
  7. The Insert/Edit Link window opens
  8. Select Link Type - Asset from Management Server
  9. Choose Upload
  10. Select Browse
  11. Find the file on your computer drives.
  12. Select Open
  13. Click OK
  14. Choose Files and Select OK once again.
  15. The file ID should appear in the "Identifier of an asset from Management Server"
  16. Click OK
  17. Select OK (again)
  18. The page reappears with the modifications
  19. See Publishing a Single Change to publish the changes