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Inserting New Images

  1. Navigate to the page the needs modified
  2. Select Open Foundation Page Controls
  3. Select Edit Text Content
  4. The Text Editor opens
  5. Select the Insert/Edit Image button Insert File Link (the icon with a mountain and sunset)
  6. The Insert Image window opens
  7. Select File from Local File System
  8. Select OK
  9. Select the Browse button
  10. The Choose File dialog opens
  11. Navigate to the Folder in which the file is currently located
  12. Select the Image
  13. Select OK, and wait for the image to upload.
  14. Select OK
  15. Select the Images folder to place the new image in
  16. Select OK
  17. Select OK (again)
  18. The Text Editor reappears
  19. See Editing Image Properties to edit the image properties
  20. Select OK
  21. See Publishing a Single Change to publish the changes