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Publishing the Entire Site

  1. Finish making the change(s)
  2. Navigate to the Agency’s front page
  3. Select the Tasks button on the RedDot menu View Screenshot
  4. The Select Tasks Menu opens View Screenshot
  5. Select the # Edit Pages link, the number will vary with the amount of changes made across the site
  6. The Search Results Menu opens View Screenshot
  7. Select the modified elements to publish
  8. Select the Submit Selected Pages to Workflow button.
  9. Select Open Foundation Page Controls
  10. Select the Actions link on the top menu View Screenshot
  11. The Page Actions Menu opens View Screenshot
  12. Select the Publish Page link
  13. The Publication Menu opens View Screenshot
  14. Select Publish all following pages, and Publish related pages
  16. Select OK

Please Note: If after selecting Submit Selected Pages to Workflow (Step 8), you see your pages waiting for release by other users in workflow, your agency has a workflow in use. At this point, you are finished. It will be up to the approver to accept the change and publish.