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Dealers & Partial Service Providers

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Partial Service Providers

BMV Full and Partial Service Provider Locations

PSP LogoThe Full and Partial Service Provider program is a partnership with private companies who offer services to auto dealers, insurance companies, financial institutions, fleet companies, and individual customers. Additional convenience fees may apply. These are not fees charged by the BMV or the State of Indiana, but a convenience fee for using the services of the provider location.

Benefits include:

  • Monday hours not offered by most BMV branches
  • Some offer courier services for dealer and company fleet customers
  • Dealerships can offer real-time BMV transaction services through the provider’s software

The program is comprised of several providers with locations throughout the state. Refer to the list below for contact information.


As a dealer, you can help spread the word that the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is making it easier to fulfill a new vehicle registration by allowing customers to complete this transaction on, at a BMV Connect kiosk, or at a BMV Branch.

Here's how:

  • If customers purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle from your dealership, they may be eligible to register their vehicle online at Many customers can even transfer a license plate to a newly purchased vehicle through their myBMV account.
  • BMV Connect kiosks are another quick way to register a new vehicle. Kiosks are located all over the state in BMV branches as well as select Kroger locations. Please visit our BMV Branch Map for kiosk hours.
  • Customers are always welcome to visit a BMV branch to complete a registration transaction as well as use these other avenues.
  • Customers can register as soon as the title is processed, so there is no need to wait until the title is issued.
  • An interactive guide to help customers find the correct documents can be found on our website.

Please include this handout in any materials you send to notify a customer about their new title. Contact your Electronic Title and Registration Provider for questions or concerns.

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