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Online Services

Many BMV services are available online at myBMV.com when you create a myBMV account. As a dealer, you can help spread the word about myBMV.com by sharing this message with your customers. If customers purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle from your dealership, they may be eligible to register their vehicle online at myBMV.com. Many customers can even transfer a license plate to a newly purchased vehicle through their myBMV account. Customers can register as soon as the title is processed, so there is no need to wait until the title is issued.

On-Demand Plates and Dealer Licenses

The Indiana Secretary of State's Auto Dealer Services Division manages on-demand plates, dealer licenses, and other services.  If you have questions, please visit their website or contact them directly.

BMV Full and Partial Service Provider Locations

Full and partial service provider locations offer services to auto dealers, insurance companies, financial institutions, fleet companies and individual customers. Additional convenience fees may apply. These are not fees charged by the BMV or the State of Indiana, but a convenience fee for using the services of the provider location.

Clean Air Car Check Stations

Computerized Vehicle Registration (CVR) offers a software interface allowing you to process titles at your location. CVR also offers on-site title and registration processing and imaging, pick-up and delivery service, and storage of documents.
Phone: 800-333-6995

Dealertrack delivers comprehensive, easy-to-use electronic registration and titling solutions for in-state and out-of-state transactions, as well as Accelerated Title services. Dealertrack also offers full service registration and titling, pick-up and delivery service, and on-site document storage.
Phone: 888-346-3087

Envirotest Titling & Registration offers on-site title and registration processing and imaging, pick-up and delivery service, and on-site storage of documents.
1171 Breuckman Dr Suite B
Crown Point, IN 46307
Phone: 219-661-8269

1445 Brookville Way Suite G
Indianapolis, IN 46239
Phone: 317-322-0020

Montpelier Full Service Provider
18 South Main Street,
PO Box 8
Montpelier, IN 47359
Phone: 765-728-2462

5222 S East Street, Suite B4
Indianapolis IN 46227
Phone: 888-408-7507​

Speed Title Information

A speed title is processed in a substantially shorter period of time than the normal processing period. Speed titles are mailed in the following manner:

  • Indiana standard mailing address or out-of-state address: FedEx Ground
  • Indiana post office boxes: USPS Priority Mail

Dealer Off-Road Vehicle/Snowmobile Registration

Dealer ORV and snowmobile registration applications are processed by the BMV Central Office to improve the security and efficiency of these transactions. Prior to submitting each application, verify all required information is included. Contact 888-692-6841.

A dealer ORV and snowmobile registration is required for vehicles used for demonstration and testing purposes only, pursuant to IC §9-18.1-14-9.

When submitting paperwork, include the ORV/SN registration packet and mail to:

Central Office Title Processing
100 North Senate Avenue, Room N417
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Authorized Dealer Request State Form 56647

Download the ORV/SN registration application packet