Fiscal Year 2009 Individual Artist Program Grantees

The IAC reviewed 221 applications for the FY2009 Individual Artist Program. The 42 artists listed below were selected to receive funding for their projects.  


  • Daniel Brian Evans, Monroe
    Daniel will purchase a professional-grade log splitter for his newly founded ceramics studio, Bloomington Clay Studio. This is an essential piece of equipment that will insure safe, economical and efficient preparation of the wood needed for firing his 150 cubic-foot Anagama (wood kiln).

  • Lydia Gerbig-Fast, Allen
    Lydia Gerbig-Fast will be studying items of ancient classical gold work and neo-classical jewelry at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and Smithsonian Institute (with the assistance and supervision of museum curators). A solo exhibition at Artifacts Gallery, Indianapolis, will culminate the grant.


  • David Henry Hochoy, Marion
    David will take a trip to New York to "refresh" his inspiration and perspective on the national dance scene. During this time, he will observe and participate in classes in both ballet and Graham Technique at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.


  • James Reidhaar, Monroe
    James will create "In Her Words: A Photographer's Daughter Views Historical Vanderburgh County", which will include a central focus on photographs from the first half of the 20th Century taken in Vanderburgh County. The resulting multimedia installation will combine photographic, vocal, musical and visual records creating an interactive experience about the time and place.


  • Mary Cynthia Blasingham, Marion
    Mary will create an edition of 15 artist books entitled Prints of the Indiana Wetlands, Volume I with carved wood covers, 12 hand-pulled prints, and bound with Ethiopian Codex chain stitch. Digital documentation on an educational CD will be sent to the main public libraries in all 92 counties.

  • Damon Andrew Dawson, Vanderburgh
    Damon A. Dawson is 32 years old and is a lifelong resident of Southern Indiana. His artistic goal is to make musical instruments and music that reflect the amalgam of influences that is experienced living in the southern tri-state area.

  • Melissa Erwin, Vanderburgh
    Melissa will create a graphic novel called Sakura and the Spider. Sakura and the Spider is a 64-page graphic novel depicting the samurai life of the feudal Japanese era in the 16th century. Its sole creator, write and artist Melissa Erwin, hopes to advance interest in foreign history as well as gain prestige for the medium as an art form. 

  • Beth Shan Wheeler, Allen
    Beth will explore the interaction of art substrates and liquid media applied with an inkjet printer, opening doors for Indiana artists in many genres.


  • Shari Benyousky, Kosciusko
    Shari will create a novel and accompanying website based on a persistent local mystery which occurred during the glory years of Winona Lake under the hypnotic preacher Billy Sunday. Merbrink will bring together unearthed true research and the quest of fictional characters Alphie and Oma.

  • Erik Deckers, Marion
    Erik will use his grant to purchase a laptop and creative writing software to develop his stage play, Literary Ghosts, into a full-length novel.

  • Candace Denning, Marion
    Candace will work on a cycle of related stories about a woman who grows up in a small midwestern town in the 50's and 60's. Together the stories describe the character's journey toward self-understanding and family healing.

  • Glory-June Greiff, Marion
    Glory-June Greiff loves wandering the woods and byways, taking note of what so many do not see. She will create a book called People, Parks, and Perceptions: A History and Appreciation of Indiana State Parks, exploring the natural beauty and history of these preserved landscapes and how they came to be.

  • Chris Huntington, Marion
    Chris' book, Mike Tyson Slept Here, is his way of showing how a prison affects not just the people locked inside, but also the people who work there. It’s a hip, funny, sad, heartbreaking valentine to all the failure and resilience he has seen.

  • Nadine Pinede, Monroe
    Nadine will attend a Master Class in Fiction at the New York State Summer Writers Institute to assist in the completion and submission of an historical novel set in Haiti.

  • Rachel Elizabeth Reynolds, St. Joseph
    Rachel Reynolds will be working on a memoir about being a child born into a fundamentalist cult who later had serious illnesses. The book will detail the development of her spiritual life.

  • Shana Ritter, Monroe
    Shana will apply her research skills to her creative writing by exploring the experience of Jewish immigrants coming through New York in the 1920's and creating a series of poems that will capture the immigrant's perspective through a personal voice.

  • Barbara Shoup, Marion
    Barbara Shoup will visit schools and libraries throughout the state to promote a new novel, Everything You Want. Funding will underwrite author visits, library visits, travel expenses, and promotional materials.

Media Arts

  • Trisha Ann Borowicz, Hancock
    Science, Sex, and the Ladies will be a non-fiction movie about the social and scientific misunderstandings of the female sexual body. Trisha has been researching this subject for six years, and her final product will be somewhere between a variety show, a documentary, a comedy, and a written thesis.

  • Stephan Leeper, Huntington
    Stephan will continue work on Moonboy and Shadow, a short animated film about a boy so enamored with the moon that he stays up late, night after night, to capture its likeness in a grand portrait.

  • Devorah Snively, St. Joseph
    Devorah's grant will assist with completion and exhibition of her short film, Meat is MurderMeat is Murder takes a post-modern satirical perspective of the deluge of processed foods and hyper-consumerism in our society. Combining elements of Ionescoe’s absurdist existentialism with a contemporary Brechtian approach to storytelling, Meat melds pop culture with social commentary.


  • Don Freund, Monroe
    Don will use his grant to produce and document Don Freund's Romeo and Juliet: A Shakespearian Music-Drama, presented at the Bloomington Playwrights Project on September 25-27, 2008. For this 2-hour musical play, all of the “lyrics” are Shakespeare’s texts, abridged from five acts to three.


  • Larry Mickow, Jr., Lake
    Larry's grant will assist with expenses and supplies related to attending a workshop at the Photographers' Formulary in Montana to learn a contemporary approach to making daguerreotypes.


  • Doug Berky, Madison
    Doug Berky's grant will enable him to adapt a Korean story, "The Tiger's Whisker", as a mask and movement theatre piece. This story will be included in his show, Gems: Wisdom Stories of the World.

  • Sandra Hartlieb, Marion
    Sandra will offer a touring performance entitled In Her Own Words that depicts the the life of Mother Theodore Guerin, an Indiana pioneer in education.

  • Rebecca Hutton, Marion
    Rebecca Hutton presents theatre workshops that assist young people in the development of positive social skills. Ms. Hutton will present a series of four 90-minute workshops to a second grade class in Bedford, Indiana and document the impact of the workshops in their classroom behavior.

  • Danny Russel, Marion
    Danny will develop a one-man presentation as Abraham Lincoln in first-person narrative, describing in colorful detail his formative years in Indiana and highlighting several of his best-known speeches.

Visual Arts

  • Amory Abbott, Marion
    Amory is writing and illustrating a graphic novel that takes place in Paris during the Nazi occupation of World War II. The story focuses on a young girl who must find underground revolutionary fighters to help rescue her parents before they are sent away to concentration camps.

  • Edward Charles Bernstein, Monroe
    Edward will extend printmaking and his own work into three dimensions by creating three dimensional prints. The three new objects when hung together will create an exciting space in their interrelationships in the gallery and amplify the related two dimensional work that will emerge out of them.

  • Maurice Costello, Howard
    The Individual Artist grant will allow visual artist Maurice Costello to complete a new project of works called, “See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me” to be exhibited in Indianapolis in the June of 2009. The new works will allow the viewing public to interact with them.

  • D. DelReverda-Jennings, Marion
    Visual artist D. DelReverda-Jennings will purchase a portable air compressor with accessory air tools as well as materials for the creation and documentation of a series of 12 sculptural pieces.

  • Jessica Green, Marion
    The grant from the IAC will enable Jessica to launch a professional website for exhibiting artwork. An easel and website-building software will be purchased in order to create both a fresh portfolio and an online destination.

  • Gwendolyn Claire Gutwein, Allen
    Gwen Gutwein has an on-going plan of doing paintings of two old barns from each of Indiana's 92 counties, and collecting the history for each. The Barn Project is moving successfully into its fourth year of drawing attention to, and hopefully deterring the demise facing these Indiana treasures.

  • Jeanne Hutchinson, Owen
    Jeanne Hutchinson, long time Indiana resident and bronze sculpture, received a grant for a portable abrasive blaster. The blaster will be used to clean the surface of the bronze pieces in preparation for the final step of applying the patina.

  • Tim Kennedy, Monroe 
    Tim plans to do a series of paintings that take the few blocks near his home as their primary subject, but beneath the surface they will be about the Jeffersonian Township. He will show his paintings at First Street Gallery in New York and produce a color card and catalog.

  • Mary Kramer, Vigo
    Mary will work with a professional designer to create a website to represent her work so she can reach a wider audience.

  • Jack Harris Monninger, Hamilton 
    Jack Monninger is an Indiana artist and art teacher. He has earned a reputation for his paintings featuring bold colors and surprising textural detail. Thanks to funding from the IAC, he will be able to increase his exposure as an artist by creating new works for upcoming exhibitions and art fairs.

  • Robert Michael Pulley, Bartholomew
    Robert Michael Pulley will use his grant to purchase an advertising page in the 2009 Guild Sourcebook of Residential, Public and Corporate Art.

  • Lynn Retson, Porter
    Lynn's two-part project will focus on what we usually don't notice - the borrow pits alongside Indiana's roadways. She will create paintings of the borrow pits as well as a car-ride game for children intended to be available for free at tourism offices.

  • Mark Rice, Monroe
    The awarded grant will fund the creation of two painting shows at the Art Hospital in Bloomington through studio rental, supplies, and renovations to the gallery space. Additional funds will go to the creation of a professional artist portfolio, Art Hospital literature, and travel to visit local galleries.

  • Angela Ridenour, Marshall
    Angela plans to film a documentary on the servers of Culver, Indiana. She will purchase quality equipment to film the interviews and restaurants as well as to complete a class of instruction on how to use related software.

  • Betsy Stirratt, Monroe
    Betsy will have a 20 page, full-color catalog designed and printed featuring her recent work. This catalog will be published to accompany a two person show of her paintings at Packer/Schopf Gallery in Chicago. The catalog will be made available to collectors and curators and the general public.

  • Sala Wong, Vigo
    The Individual Artist Program Grant will help Sala acquire equipment for a public video art piece that is going to be installed on the glass window of a gallery in Terre Haute. The piece will create a brand new viewing experience for the gallery visitors from both inside and outside of the gallery space.