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INDOT: English Sections 100-300 - Effective 09/02/2014

Indiana Department of Transportation

INDOT >  Doing Business with INDOT >  Standards & Specifications >  Standard Drawings >  September 2014 >  English Sections 100-300

100 - 300
400, 500
Revised & New Drawings
Effective 09/02/14

Effective for Lettings on or after September 2, 2014

Section 100 - General Provisions
Section 200 - Earthwork
Section 300 - Aggregate Pavement and Bases

Download all Standard Drawings for Sections 100, 200, & 300 (pdf 3.0 MB)

Last Updated: 4/22/14

Drawing Series & Numbers
Drawing Title
Eff. Date
E 105-RCBL

E 105-RBCL-01

Road and Bridge Contract Limits

Method for Determining Quantities within Structure Limits (eff. 09/01/00)

E 205-TECD

E 205-TECD-01
E 205-TECD-02
E 205-TECD-03

Temporary Erosion Control Ditch

Temporary Check Dam, Revetment Rip Rap (rev. 09/04/12)
Temporary Check Dam, Traversable for Clear Zone (rev. 09/04/12)
Temporary Sediment Trap (new 09/04/12)

Revision Notes
E 205-TECI

E 205-TECI-01
E 205-TECI-02
E 205-TECI-03
E 205-TECI-04
E 205-TECI-05
E 205-TECI-06

Temporary Erosion Control Inlet

Temporary Ditch Inlet Protection, Gravel Ring (eff. 03/01/02)
Temporary Ditch Inlet Protection, Geotextile Box (eff. 03/01/02)
Temporary Ditch Inlet Protection Slotted Barrel (eff. 03/01/02)
Temporary Erosion Control Inlet Bag Protection (new 09/04/12)
Temporary Erosion Control Inlet Sandbag Curb Inlet Protection (new 09/04/12)
Temporary Erosion Control Inlet Straw Bale Inlet Protection (new 09/04/12)

Revision Notes
E 205-TECP

E 205-TECP-01
E 205-TECP-02

Temporary Erosion Control Perimeter

Temporary Erosion Control, Perimeter Construction Entrance (rev. 09/03/13, editorial only)
Temporary Silt Fence (rev. 09/04/12)

Revision Notes
E 205-TECS

E 205-TECS-01
E 205-TECS-02
E 205-TECS-03
E 205-TECS-04

Temporary Erosion Control Slope

Temporary Interceptor Ditch (eff. 03/01/02)
Temporary Slope Drain (eff. 09/01/10)
Temporary Slope Drain (eff. 09/04/01)
Temporary Erosion Control Slope Diversion Interceptors (new 09/04/12)

Revision Notes
E 211-BFIL

E 211-BFIL-01
E 211-BFIL-02
E 211-BFIL-03
E 211-BFIL-04
E 211-BFIL-05


Part Plan for Flared Wings (eff. 03/03/03)
Flared Wings Typical Cross Section (rev. 11/15/99, format update only)
Backfill Placement Interior Bent or Pier (rev. 09/04/12, format update only)
Backfill Placement Behind End Bent Beam or Girder Structure (rev. 09/04/12, format update only)
Backfill Placement Behind End Bent Reinforced-Concrete Slab Bridge (rev. 09/04/12, format update only)

Revision Notes
E 303-STRW

E 303-STRW-01

Shoulder Treatment Resurfacing Work

Shoulder Treatment for Resurfacing Work (eff. 09/04/07)

E 306-TMPT

E 306-TMPT-01

Transition Milling Pavement

HMA-Pavement Wedging & Transition Milling (eff. 09/04/07)