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INDOT Construction Information


INDOT Construction Information

Construction Management Resources

EEO Policy Directives

Construction Inspection Videos

Procedures and Documents for SiteManager Contracts

Select this ERMS location to access the following documents:

  • Certification for Temporary Traffic Control Devices
  • Final Construction Record (FCR) Guide
  • Final Description and Elevation of Benchmarks (SF 3031)
  • IC-113 Signature Affidavit
  • IC-149 Property Release
  • IC-203 Request for Acceptance of Borrow or Disposal Site
  • IC-225 Pile Driving Record
  • IC-625 Salvage Construction Material Record
  • IC-699 Checklist for Final Construction Record Index
  • IC-715 Mandrel Testing of Pipe Structures
  • IC-740 Pile Driving Equipment Data Form
  • INDOT Consultant New User for ProjectWise
  • Intelligent File Cabinet Document Naming Convention Guidance
  • Notice of Termination (SF 51514)
  • Pre-Construction Conference Agenda
  • Progress Meeting Agenda
  • ProjectWise for Construction Admin Guide (Intelligent FCR and File Cabinet)
  • ProjectWise for Construction User Guide (Intelligent FCR and File Cabinet)
  • Railroad 15 day Expiration Letter
  • Railroad Release Letter
  • Signature Request Letter for DBE
  • Signature Request Letter for MBE/WBE/IVBE
  • The INDOT Consultant New User Quick Start Guide for Projectwise can be found here: INDOT: ProjectWise
  • Warranty Final Acceptance Letter

IRI Information

E-Ticketing Information

Construction Applications and Tools

Personnel Development and Tools

Materials Resources

Contact Information

Construction Management Support
100 N. Senate Ave, IGCN Suite 758-CM
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Email: cmsupport@indot.in.gov