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Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) works to effectively and efficiently manage state-initiated grant programs, as well as federal grant funding awarded to Indiana for the advancement of homeland security initiatives. Agency staff manage three annual federal grants, bringing more than $11.5 million dollars to the state for disaster preparedness programs focused on natural and man-made disasters, as well as hazardous material response programs. IDHS also manages several state-level grants. In 2018, more than $14 million was awarded to 388 schools across the state to assist in improving school security and safety. The agency also applies for and manages funds that support fire departments and other first responders to do their jobs more safely and effectively.

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State Grant Programs

The State of Indiana offers several state-funded grants through a variety of programs vital to maintaining public safety throughout the state of Indiana.

Federal Grant Programs

IDHS works to obtain federal grant funding each year through multiple sources, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Fire Administration and other federal organizations. To learn more about the various federal programs administered by IDHS, click below.

Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Grants

Following a disaster, grant funding may be made available to individuals and communities to assist in the recovery process. Additionally, federal grant dollars may be earmarked to assist communities become more resilient and limit future damage from disasters through property buyout programs, safe room programs, and more.

Indiana Grants Management System (iGMS)

iGMS is a powerful tool used by IDHS to coordinate all grant budgets, requests for expenditures, applications for funding and more.


Sub-Recipient Grant Management and Monitoring Policy
Equipment Inventory PDF


IDHS uses the PeopleSoft Supply Contract Module (SCM) for e-contracting services. PeopleSoft and the SCM are accessible only through the State’s Supplier Portal administered by the Indiana Department of Administration. This process allows sub-grantees to receive grant agreements/contracts for electronic signing.

Grants Toolkit