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Police Department

Police and Community - Partners In Crime Prevention

Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement - The New Whiteland Police Department is a dedicated and diverse group of professionals who are committed to working with the community to make the Town of New Whiteland a safe and desirable place to live, work, or visit. Our mission is to partner with the community to solve problems and improve public safety in a manner that is fair, impartial, transparent, and consistent.

Core Values Integrity - We are committed to the enforcement of laws, Town Ordinances, and the preservation of order and property. We are honest, truthful, and consistent in our words and actions, and therefore worthy of the public’s trust. We exercise discretion in a manner that is beyond reproach. We do not accept gifts or special considerations as a consequence of our office.

Professionalism - We treat the public and our colleagues with courtesy and respect. We understand that our appearance, words, and demeanor contribute to the public’s confidence in us. We are responsive to the community, and deliver services promptly and efficiently.

Fairness and Impartiality – We act with fairness, restraint, and impartiality in carrying out our duties. We work with the community to continually understand and overcome cultural influences and unconscious biases. We understand that our actions, combined with the way we treat members of the community, contribute to our “legitimacy” in the eyes of the public.

Teamwork – We work together as one organization in carrying out the mission of the department; our respective units do not act as distinct “silos” from one another. As individual members of the department, we are respectful to each other and work collectively to solve problems and serve the New Whiteland community.

Efficiency – We keep abreast of standard procedures, legal issues, and innovative topics in modern policing through regular training. We exercise rigor in thinking strategically about identifying trends, exploring alternative solutions, and solving problems.

Advocacy and Empathy – We have compassion for victims of crime. As members of the community, we have respect for and promote the diversity of the community. We advocate for social and other supportive services for victims, youth, and others involved in the criminal justice system

From the Chief

If you need to get in touch with an officer after hours, please use the NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER:  317.346.6336


There are NO active solicitor permits right now.  If you have a solicitor in your area, please call 317.346.6336 to report it.

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