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Culver Union Township Fire

Culver and Union Township Fire Department (C.U.T.F.D.) was established in 1903, and currently serves all the residents of Culver and Union Township. We also serve the surrounding areas, in the event mutual aid is needed. CUTFD currently has (2) Engine/Pumpers, (1) 3,000 Gallon Pumper/Tanker, (1) Rescue Squad, (2) Grass Rigs, and (2) Fire Boats (Pontoon Pumper, and portable rescue John Boat. Culver Fire currently has 18 Members (all volunteers), ranging in age from 18, to “Seventy something”, and the seniority list goes from months to 42 years. Culver Fire is well equipped with some of the “latest and greatest” equipment and is manned with the same.

Current Officers include:

  • Chief Terry Wakefield
  • Asst Chief Robert Cooper, III
  • Secretary/Treasurer Troy Frazer
  • Captain Walt Hanselman
  • Training Officer Jerry Siler
  • Safety Officer Open

Aerial Platform Fire Truck Fundraising Effort

In October 2020, the Culver-Union Township Fire Department took delivery of its first aerial fire truck. The aerial truck not only is a huge benefit to the community with the capability of rescue structures above 25 feet, but it also is a symbol of how the community has invested in the department. The $1.2 million truck was purchased with the assistance of members of the community far and wide who saw the need and invested in the safety of Culver. For that, we say “Thank YOU!”