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Frequently Asked Questions

General Public

Q: Where can I find information related to applying for a dealer license?

A: Our website currently contains application guides for each license type. Click “License Applications” on the left-hand side menu of this page. There is an application guide on each page. You can also review the Dealer Licensing Information pamphlet English or Spanish.


Q: Where can I get easy access to my questions?

A: We have a PDF booklet (English) and PDF booklet (Spanish)  that is available to assist you with any questions you may have.

Q: I need help with the new online system.

A: Please review the information under the “Online Dealer Account Info” tab on the left-side menu of this website. You can also call the Dealer Account Helpline at 317-576-2568.  

Q: Where can I find information related to renewing or amending my current dealer license?

A: Information on dealer license and plate renewal (including online renewal) is available on our website. Information on name or address changes to your business is located here, and information on updating ownership information is here.

You can also review the Dealer Licensing Information pamphlet English or Spanish.

Q: What is the timeframe for processing any given document (including an application)?

A: The timeframe depends on the type of document that is submitted and whether the request submitted is complete and accurate. Documents that are completed accurately and in their entirety at the time of submission will be processed more quickly than documents that require the Auto Dealer Services Division to request additional or corrected information.

License Application

15 business days*^

License Renewal

7 business days*

Plate Limit Increase (Metal or Interim)

7 business days*^

Replacement Plate Request

7 business days*^

*These estimates reflect anticipated processing time once the request received and complete with no outstanding deficiencies. These estimates do not include the days it may take for a request to travel by mail.

^Processing time for non-renewal requests and applications may be slower during the last week of each month as we focus our attention on license renewals.

Q: How do I increase my interim (paper/temporary) plate limit?

A. To request an increase in your interim plate limit:

  1. Complete the Application for Increase in Dealer License Plate Limit (State Form 56140) – under “Dealer License Plate Information” indicate that you want Interim License Plates.
    • Please only mark a vehicle type if you are requesting metal dealer plates.
  2. Submit the completed form to the Auto Dealer Services Division.
  3. Upon receipt of a completed form, the examiner assigned to your area will review your records and/or conduct an audit to see if you qualify for additional interim plates.
    • It is recommended that you keep track of your sales and the balance of interim plates that you have.

It is best to request an increase in your interim plate limit before getting too low since it will take time for the examiner to process the request. Plan on the request taking at least seven (7) business days to be processed and reviewed.

Q: One of my dealer license plates has been damaged/stolen. What do I do?

A: To report a plate as lost, stolen, or mutilated, you can fill out the appropriate Notice of Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Dealer Plate online through your dealer portal or by mail or email. This will change the plate’s status so that it will not show up as valid if someone tries to use the plate.

You can also request a replacement plate online, by mail, or by email. Please note that you must submit either confirmation from police (lost, stolen) or the actual plate (damaged) before a replacement plate can be granted.

Step-by-step instructions for completing the process online can be found here.

Q: When will I get my dealer license and plates?

A: The order for a dealer license is submitted to the vendor once your application for a dealer license has been approved and is shipped separately from the plates.

The invoice for dealer plates is generated after your license or renewal is approved. Upon receipt of payment, the Auto Dealer Services Division will place the order and you should receive the plates via USPS in about seven (7) business days.

Dealer licenses and license plates are printed and mailed by an outside vendor, so they are unavailable for pick-up from our office. They are shipped directly to you from the vendor.

Q: What is the status of my renewal or application?

A: You can track a request’s status in the Recent Transactions widget on the dashboard of your dealer account. The only request that you cannot track online is an initial license application.

Once your renewal is submitted online, it can take up to 30 minutes for a status update to appear on the dashboard of your dealer account.

Q: Can you take a payment over the phone?

A: We are unable to accept phone payments. We can, however, accept invoice payments online through your dealer portal.

Q: How do I obtain dealer designee plates?

A: Complete and submit a Request for Dealer Designee Plates (State Form 56304). Administration of dealer designee license plates was transferred to the Secretary of State from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles on July 1, 2017.

Q: Where can a dealer obtain information about excise taxes?

A: Excise taxes are collected as part of the registration process with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  Information concerning excise taxes can be found on the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website (  If you have specific questions about excise taxes, you may contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 1-888-692-6841.